Organic carob syrup from Crete, 100% natural

Greek Organic Carob Syrup from Crete, 100% natural

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Traditional Carob Syrups from Crete, Greece, made with 100% pure carob - natural ingredients

Carob is a very healthy natural product. The Carob Tree pods (not the carat seeds) are boiled for days to produce a thick nourishing syrup. The syrup is used as an alternative to chocolate sauce on desserts and in baking or cooking. It is also drunk diluted with warm milk as a nourishing drink when run down, or for colds. Carob is very high in calcium (higher than milk), iron, fibre, and various other vitamins and minerals. It is good for bowel activity, and the 'good' bowel bacteria love it! Carob is good for bones, teeth and nails.