Our Suppliers

Traceability, quality, sustainability and fair trade 

All our products are supplied by well established producers or manufacturers in Greece. We never purchase from 'middle men' or distributors, so we can guarantee that we know exactly where the product we receive has come from.  

Our Suppliers are all certified with the highest health and quality standards of food production. At the very minimum, all our suppliers have ISO certification -  ISO 22000:2005 - an International Standard for Food Safety and Hygiene Management that covers the requirements of HACCP. The ISO system is mandatory according to both European and Greek legislation, which establishes the general rules of food hygiene, as well as the mandatory observance of these rules.It is applied to the production process of a specific food and covers all stages, from the receipt of raw materials to the final use of the products by consumers.

Our current producers are listed below.

Extra Virgin Olive Oils: 

Cretan Liquid Gold Organic, House Gold - Produced by Mirabello Estate, Filoxenia Limited, packaged and bottled by Botzakis Creta Oil - Certifications (ISO, Agrocert, DIO Organic, in their state of the art packaging facility

Liquid Gold Organic - Savidakis Si-Mel - Certifications (ISO, IFS Food, Agrocert, DIO, PDO, FDA)

Sparta Gold - Elea Gea Certifications (BRGS food safety, ISO, Agrocert, DIO) 

Rustic Gold - Thrapsano agricultural cooperative - Certifications - ISO 2205/2007, Agrocert, PGI, TUV organic



Pine, Thyme, Organic Thyme, Sage, Orange blossom, Pollen and Propolis: Savidakis Si-Mel - Certifications (ISO, IFS Food, Agrocert, DIO, PDO, FDA)

Carob Honey: CretaCarob - Certifications (ISO 2205/2007, TUV organic)

Oak, Fir Tree, Orange blossom, forest honey, Strawberry tree, wild flower, thyme, honey comb, propolis, erika flower honeys: Kaldanis Family Epirus Certifications (ISO, 


Kalamata Olives: EleaGea: Certifications (BRGS food safety, ISO, Agrocert, DIO) 

Olives: Stamatakos: Certifications (ISO, BIOHELLAS)



Macedonian Halva: Haitoglou Brothers Certifications ISO, BIOHellas

Kosmidis Halva Piraeus: Certifications ISO (TUV Hellas)



KretaRaki: Stamatakis DS Distillers

BioRaki: Zoumberakis Certifications (DIO Organic)