About Olive Oil

All our oils are selected from the latest harvest, which, in Greece, occurs between October rand February depending on location and weather conditions. All our oils are superior category extra virgin, cold pressed, cold extracted, and very low acidity. Every year we select the latest harvest's best Greek Extra Virgin Olive Oils. Most are from areas which have been designated as protected geographical indication (PGI) or protected designation of origin (PDO) - comparable to the wine 'appellation controllee' - and are objective indicators of quality. The olive factories we work with have strict qualitiy and organoleptic procedures, ensuring that only the best olive oils are put into the market. 

Most of our oils have won prestigious prizes. But in addition, each oil sample is tasted for its organoleptic properties by Stavia Blunt, often with the help of Charles Quest-Ritson - both professional olive oil tasters. The oils are always tested chemically for acidity and polyphenols - both markers of the quality and health value of the oil. In addition, our olive oils have won the attention and dedication of some of the world's top cookery writers and cooks including Nigella Lawson, and masterchef winners, Thomasina Miers and  Irini Tzortzoglou.

You can be assured therefore, that our olive oils are  of impeccable provenance (Stavia has visited all of the producers, and also produces her own olive oil), quality and taste. Needless to say, they are also of great health value.

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