Introducing "Stavia’s™ Stevia" - and other all-natural calorie-free sugarless sugar-alternatives!

Well it was only a matter of time! This week we launch our own brand of natural sugar-free sweeteners:

1. "Stavia’s™ Stevia Crystals" - 
a combination of 80% natural stevia leaf extract and fruit sugars from grapes; tastes just like sugar but without the bad effects; this is a great product for those wanting to have the taste of sugar but without the full load of calories; however it is not suitable for diabetics (but the next 2 products are!)
2.Liquid Gold Erythritol Crystals - 
Erythritol is another plant derived sweetener, which is made from fermented fruit and vegetable sugars, which become alcohol, lose their calories in the process but still taste like sugar; erythritol is an incredible substance, and tastes just like sugar; Stavia uses it all the time in drinks and in cooking. Brilliant for diabetics.
3. Stavia’s™ Stevia tablets - 100% natural stevia extract in dispensers; calorie free, perfect for drinks

ALL AVAILABLE IN THE CAVE, ON AMAZON AND FROM OUR WEBSITE Stavia’s™ Stevia and other Natural low calorie sweeteners

and soon we will be launching our stevia-erythritol sugar this space

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