Greek Organic Olive Harvest, Mirabello Estate Crete November 2021

This is our second olive harvest of our very own organic koroneiki olives, grown in north east Crete. Last year was a bumper crop, so we were expecting a smaller crop this year, but it was larger than we anticipated!

The olives look beautiful; much riper (and thus blacker) than last year's, as there has been so little rain, but this probably means the olive oil will be more aromatic, and slightly less bitter, but we will see once it is pressed! 

The harvest took 4 days with 4 very expert olive harvesters, led by our farmer Makis Kourinos, although torrential rain interrupted the flow for a little.

The video gives a little taste of what we did (the sheep is one of a group which live on the field and naturally 'fertilise' the olives!)

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