First snow in Richmond at the Liquid Gold Cave, February 2018

There was heavy snowfall on the tow path by the River Thames this afternoon ... beautiful but cold ....

... but it was oh so warm and cozy in the Liquid Gold Cave!

And though there was only the occasional passer by (or mad jogger) during this blizzard, they were delighted to stumble across us - serving hot chocolate and Greek kourabiedes, immersed in a backdrop of Greek music (Basilis Papakonstantidou and Yannis Kotsiras playing). One lady from South Africa even sat at the table outside drinking a Greek coffee (with a splash of Raki!) - because she enjoyed the novelty of seeing snow freshly falling! Cretan farmers routinely drink a thimbleful of Raki in the winter mornings, perhaps with a piece of bread and olive oil, before hiking to the fields to start collecting the olives. A little bit of Raki warms them and gives them energy.

Well there may not be any Cretan farmers by the river in Richmond today, but there are plenty of noisy ducks and geese - sounds like they are enjoying the snow! 

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