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We work closely with our suppliers. You can see them doing what they love here.

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“A Cretan Oasis on the River Thames”
– Bamber Gascoigne (BBC, TV Presenter). 


Liquid Gold Products aims to bring to the rest of the world some of the wonderful products that Greece has to offer.

After a lot of research and hard work, touring the mainland and the islands, meeting producers and visiting their farms and facilities, we know that our products are some of the best and healthiest in the world.


Quality & Taste

Traditional Greek olive oils, herbs and honeys are widely acknowledged to be the best in the world.
Crete is especially renowned for the quality and health of its products. Thanks to the variety of microclimates in Crete, long hours of sunshine but cool nights, harsh seasonal winds (ensuring survival of only the most robust) our products have a rich variety and intensity of flavours

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Our products are acclaimed by the world’s greatest chefs and olive oil experts
including Nigella Lawson and Charles Quest Ritson Whilst no fewer than EIGHT of our products (honeys and olive oils) have been awarded GREAT TASTE AWARDS!

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We choose our products based on the following; quality , taste, healthiness, Provenance ,local techniques. We have personally met all or suppliers on various “work holidays”. You can “e-meet” them via our photo gallery that I have collected from my many travels.

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Our products are key to the super-healthy Cretan Diet.
The koroneiki olive is packed with antioxidant polyphenols, ‘good fat’, vitamins and our oils are of very low acidity. Our wild mountain herb honeys made from bees feeding on wild thyme, oregano, sage, winter and summer savoury, and pine trees, is raw, unprocessed and high in natural antioxidants and anti bacterials.


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Olive oil is a fresh fruit juice – the fruit being the olive – which is ‘squeezed’ or extracted from the olive in several ways. Depending on the quality of the fruit and how the oil is extracted, there are several ‘grades’ of olive oil (see here).


 The olive tree is indigenous to the mediterranean. There are thousands of cultivars (varieties) of olive – and a corresponding variety of styles. According to Vossen and many olive oil experts, the small fruits like the koroneiki make the best oil. But they are difficult and expensive to cultivate. The huge variety of oils available is still unexplored!


The small fruits like the koroneiki make the best oil. Choosing the right time to pick the olives is hugely important. Oil content increases as the olive ripens from green to black, often giving a fruitier flavour to the oil, but conversely, the ‘health’ components – the phenols and aromatic subtstances which give oil much of its quality and flavour.


The best oil comes from the first pressing of the olives and is known as ‘extra virgin olive oil’ (EVOO). EVOO is healthier, tastes better and lasts longer than lesser oils, and the better the oil, the lower the acidity will be. In Europe, to qualify as EVOO, the acidity must be less than 1%. Read more about quality and acidity here.


By definition, EVOO is extracted purely by mechanical means. First the olives are washed, milled and then the oil is separated from the water and the solid waste (husk and stone). Traditioinally, milling is done with a millstone or hammer stone, and oil extraction is achieved by hydraulic press.


Liquid Gold owes its success to the fantastic producers and their products – plus a little help from the enthusiastic founder of the company, Stavia.   Read about Stavia’s travels, research and product knowledge written by Stavia for her customers.

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