Greek Ouzo 'Apertif' 700ml by Mavrakis
Greek Ouzo, 'Kalimera' 20ml by Mavrakis
Greek Ouzo 'Apertif' 700ml by Mavrakis
Greek Ouzo, 'Kalimera' 20ml by Mavrakis

Ouzo, the famous Greek liqueur, by Mavrakis

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The famous Greek aperitif Ouzo - made from fermentation of grape skins, beginning with distillation in copper stills . Anise is added, sometimes with other flavorings such as star anise, fennel, mastic, cardamom, coriander, cloves, and cinnamon. This refreshing aperitif is widely consumed in Greece and Cyprus. Its taste is similar to other anise liquors like pastis, sambuca, that are traditionally produced and consumed in Mediterranean countries.
Alcohol 40%
200ml bottles - Kalimera Ouzo by Mavrakis
700ml bottles - Ouzo Aperitif by Mavrakis

Mavrakis specialises in the production of ouzo, the aniseed-based drink, fennel, which is widely distributed and consumed all over Greece. Ouzo is a strong alcoholic distillate, but sweet and soft, once considered as a substitute for the absinthe. Its gentle but savory flavor is due to the Greek sun and the Mediterranean climate, which matures the best spices and herbs growing in Greek soil such as anise, fennel, coriander, extra mastic from the mastic trees of Chios and other 15 aromatic fruits and seeds. Knowing the proportions of the various seeds, carefully distilling and choosing only the "heart" of the distillate create the balance of aroma and taste that is indispensable for sophisticated enjoyment.
The modern method of distillation of ouzo developed mainly in the 19th century, after the Greek independence. Since then, Ouzo producers have developed distillation method in copper distilleries by co-distilling seeds and separating the "tails" and "heads" and using only the "heart" in the second distillation.

In 1989 , under the European Regulation 1576/89, Greece won the right to designate ouzo as an exclusively Greek product with a protected designation of origin (PDO), a status recognized by the European Union.