Caroffee organic ground carob, caffeine-free coffee substitute

Greek Caroffee, organic ground carob coffee substitute, caffeine-free, 300 gr

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Caroffee - 100% natural organic ground carob - a healthy, nutritious, caffeine-free coffee substitute, 300gr made in Crete. caffeine free, gluten free, dairy free

Caroffee is a caffeine-free alternative to ground coffee. it is composed of 100% organic, natural ground carob, and can be used in exactly the same as ground coffee. It can be used either on its own or in combination with ground coffee. No preservatives and chemical added. it is a great coffee alternative with numerous healthy benefits. Can be used as filtered coffee, espresso coffee and instant coffee. Coffee drinkers can blend it with their coffee to reduce caffeine and add the nutritions and vitamins that carob has to offer. Carob is naturally sweet so you will not need to add sugar! It is gluten free.