Doll, the debut novel by Peter Leggatt

Doll - the debut novel by Peter Leggatt

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An astonishingly original and beautifully written book by Peter Leggatt (his connection with Greece is via his Spartan Ancestry on his mother's side). This is a writer to watch...and read. This is what Tim Waterstone (founder of Waterstones bookshops) says about Doll:

“DOLL is an astonishing piece of writing. Its ingenuity, and intelligence, and strangeness, and indeed beauty, carry for me a Nabokov originality, and that is a high matching indeed. I have absolutely no doubt this is best seller material.”  

A two part novel about the relationship between a sex doll and her owner; Westworld-meets-Lolita

A book for our times - Beautiful, sad, and thought provoking.

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