Liquid Gold anti-wrinkle day cream with marine collagen and sea buckthorn, 100ml

Anti-wrinkle face cream with marine collagen and sea buckthorn, 100 ml by Liquid Gold Products

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This is a bioactive Anti-wrinkle face cream with Marine Collagen, Sea Buckthorn, neroli and vetiver root.  The ingredients help protect and rejuvenate the skin. Collagen plays a vital part in healthy appearance and elasticity of skin. Marine Collagen is a natural peptide found in certain types of sea weed and other sea organisms. Its absorption by the skin and conversion by skin fibroblasts into collagen is aided by the vitamin C-rich pure Neroli found in this luxury facial cream. The sea buckthorn - which is one of the richest oils nature has to offer - has many additional benefits in protecting and nourishing our skin. Moisturising and delicately scented with neroli. With regular use on cleansed skin, skin tone and texture will improve. Can be used day and night, and is superb as a make-up base.