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Plain Soaps
Made with olive oil, honey, essential oils, and other natural ingredients,
our soaps are perfect for regular use, providing anti-allergenic gentle washing, moisturising
and long-lasting anti-ageing skin care

pure olive oil soap 200g
£5.00 100% natural
Ingredients: saponified olive oil, water, salt

Pure Olive Oil Soap
100% pure and natural - for sensitive skins and all the family
The perfect every day family soap for shower or bath to use on body, face and hands. Exquisitely moisturising and gentle. suitable for children, sensitive skin and especially good for dry skins and eczema. This large bar of soap is hand-made of pure olive oil using a traditional 'recipe' in the high mountains of Crete. Gentle and thorough cleansing whilst being ntensely moistoruising - ideal for all the family

Traditional Pure Olive Oil Soap

olive oil and olive leaf extract glycerine soap
£4.00 (80g) £5.00 (100g)

Ingredients: Sorbitol, aqua, propylene glycol, Sodium leureth sulfate, sodium stearate glykerin, sodium chloride, sodium coco sulfate, tetrasodium etidronate, terasodium EDTA, olea europaea fruit oil, olive leaves, camomile extract, parfum, benzyl salicylate, citronellol, hexyl cinnamal, pentyl-z-hydroxybenzone, 2-phenylethanol, 4 acetoxy, 3 enthyhetrahydropyran C142051 CI 19140

Olive Leaves Soap
anti-ageing, moisturising
The anti-ageing and anti-carcinogenic effects of olive leaf extract together with the moisturising and soothing elements of olive esters and camomile extract make an ideal soap for regular hand-washing. Every basin should have one!

Olive Leaves Soap - 100g or 80g

olive oil lavender soap
Ingredients: Sodium Oliveate (saponified olive oil), Aqua, Lavender oil extract, Sodium Chloride, Limalol, Geramiol, Coumarin

Olive Oil and Lavender soap (100g)
A handmade pure olive oil soap with natural lavender extract. Very moisturising and excellent for sensitive skin and those prone to eczema. For face and all over body use.


Olive Oil and Lavender Soap - 100g

Natural Loofah and Sea-Sponge Glycerine Soaps
These natural loofah and sea sponges are untreated, and the glycerine soaps are made with olive oil, honey, essential oils (jasmine, cinnamon, lemon, wild rose) providing a wonderful combination of firm exfoliation followed by moisturising and protection of the skin.
Jasmine and olive oil glycerine soap with loofah
loofah glycerine soap with olive oil and rose
100g - £5.00
(jasmine, wild rose, lemon or cinnamon)

Round Loofah Glycerine soaps with olive oil, honey and essential oil
(jasmine, lemon, wild rose or cinnamon)
First of all.....what is a loofah?.........A Loofah is a hanging plant of the cucumber family which grows in tropical and subtropical places; the fruit is eaten when young, but when mature and dried, it is fibrous and used in bathing, as a super exfoliator of skin, in massage. It is associated with fresher, softern younger skin, fewer spots, and - so it is said - less cellulite! Using a loofah also stimulates the circulation.

Our loofah soaps naturally exfoliate dead skin cells whilst the special combination of extra virgin olive oil, honey and essential oil of jasmine, rose, cinnamon or lemon, are intensely moisturising. Ideal for gardeners hands, dry heels and knees & for massaging cellulite.

Loofah Glycerine Soap with olive oil and honey - 100g

Jasmine and olive oil glycerine soap with loofah
deluxe large 150g bar - £7.00
Jasmine or Lavender

Large Square Loofah Glycerine soaps with olive oil, essential oils
(Jasmine or Lavender)

Large Loofah Glycerine Soap with olive oil - 150g

sea sponge glyverine and olive oil soap

(jasmine & ylang-ylang)
Luxury Natural Sea Sponge Glycerine soap with olive oil and honey
(jasmine & ylang-ylang)
These luxury natural sea-sponge glycerine soaps provide gentle exfoliation
and a moisturising massage.
Sea Sponge Glycerine Soap with olive oil and honey - 80g

heart sponge glyverine soap with olive oil, wild rose, jasmine, neroli and frangipani
£5.00 (80g) or £4.00 (50g)

(wild rose & jasmine; neroli & frangipani)

Super-soft sponge Glycerine soap with olive oil and honey
(wild rose & jasmine; neroli & frangipani)
These luxury soaps are made with a super-soft synthetic sponge ideal for face and delicate parts of the body.

Super-soft sponge Glycerine Soap with olive oil and honey

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