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Cretan Pure Thyme Honey
Greek Pine Honey from Crete Great Taste award winner
390g jar

Greek thyme honey amphora
130g Amphora

Greek Pure Thyme Honey from Crete

Winner of a Great Taste Award 2014!

Greek thyme honey is widely acknowledged to be the best in the world. It requires great skill and dedication by the beekeepers as making thyme honey is very hard work for the bees. Our Cretan pure Thyme honey is made by bees pollinating on wild thyme bushes in the Cretan mountains. It is raw, unfiltered, unheated, very rich in thyme pollen (51%) and propolis and is full of flavour. . Thyme honey is naturally antibacterial and antioxidant. Cretans use it as a natural healer.


Cretan Pure Thyme Honey 390g or 130g amphora
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