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About Olive Oil

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Why buy Liquid Gold Products?

Liquid Gold Products aims to bring to the rest of the world wome of the wonderful products that Greece has to offer.

After a lot of research and hard work, touring the mainland and the islands, meeting producers and visiting their farms and facilities, we know that our products are some of the best and healthiest in the world.

We choose our products extremely carefully with the following criteria in mind:

- quality, taste, healthiness, provenance, and time-tested methods and designs -

Quality and Taste
Traditional Greek olive oils, herbs and honeys are widely acknowledged to be the best in the world.
Crete is especially renowned for the quality and health of its products. Thanks to the variety of microclimates in Crete, long hours of sunshine but cool nights, harsh seasonal winds
(ensuring survival of only the most robust) our products have a rich variety and intensity of flavours

Our products are acclaimed by the world's greatest chefs and olive oil experts
including Nigella Lawson and Charles Quest Ritson
Whilst no fewer than EIGHT of our products (honeys and olive oils) have been awarded GREAT TASTE AWARDS

Our products are key to the super-healthy Cretan Diet.
The koroneiki olive is packed with antioxidant polyphenols, 'good fat', vitamins and our oils are of very low acidity.
Our wild mountain herb honeys made from bees feeding on wild thyme, oregano, sage, winter and summer savoury, and pine trees,
is raw, unprocessed and high in natural antioxidants and anti-bacterials.
Our wild mountain herbs are packed with numerous health-giving and disease-preventing agents
whose properties have been appreciated by the Greeks since the Minoans.
And our new range of organic Aloe Vera products sourced from small organic farms on Crete is arguably one of the best in the world.

All our olive oil and honey products are obtained from the latest and best harvests

Sourced by us direct from producers
Our products are all fully traceable from tree, beehive, bush or artist's studio

Private estates / PDO / PGI / AGROCERT‡
Our products have a certified source of origin, from producers of internationally recognised high quality
or from select small family estates

‡ - PDO (protected designation of origin) or PGI (protected geographical designation) are an international certification system comparable to 'appellation controllee' for wine.
They guarantee oil of "exceptional properties and quality derived from their place of origin as well as the way of their production".
AGROCERT is the Greek internationally recognised board for 100% organic producers

We tell you everything so you can make an informed choice

Responsible practices
We support eco-produce, organic and traditional farming methods

Or visit us in our outlet on the River Thames in Richmond - The Liquid Gold Cave

Wholesale and trade prices are available for most of our products. Please enquire here


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