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Thyme and Pine Honey

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Our Cretan Thyme and Pine honey comes from the famous honey-producing region of north east Crete. Bees are first fed on the wild thyme at the tops of the mountains and then relocated to the dense Pine forests of central Crete for a ‘holiday camp’ feast: it is much easier for bees to feed on pine than on Thyme! Whilst the high altitude and prolific beds of wild thyme provide a safe haven of natural food for the bees, it is extremely hard work to gather nectar from Thyme (which is one reason why good Thyme honey is rare), so after a few weeks the bee-keepers relocate their hives to the Pine forests, which provide a more restful form of feeding. The result is a delectable natural mixture of Thyme and Pine honey blended the bees themselves. Thyme and Pine honey is naturally rich in antimicrobial and antioxidant activity. Delicious on its own, on toast, in hot drinks and especially stirred into Greek yogurt!

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