Moi Je M’en Fous – Red

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TYPE: Medium bodied, Sl. Sweet. Multi-award winning wine from this amazing low yield vineyard.
VARIETY: Limnionas
ALCOHOL: 12.5%
Tasting Notes: Fresh Dynamic, Fun, Zesty Wine
Lots of berries, pepper and flowers.
Serving/food pairing: Drink slightly chilled. Ggreat with red meat dishes, poultry or spicy red sauce.

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DOMAINE MESSENICOLAS by G.Karamtiros is a winery that carries the name of the little village “Messenicolas” in Central Greece. Featuring a painted illustration and a play on colors, MOI JE M ‘EN FOUS! wine series has a fun and electric design. And the wines are just as playful and simply gorgeous. Made from 100% Limnionas – an indigenous Greek grape variety – it is a dry red, slightly sweet, and very drinkable! The “Limnionas” variety grows at the foot of Afraga, in vineyards with low yield, is dampened by the local microclimate of Lake Plastiras and produces a fresh wine with a unique slightly sweet but dynamic taste. The bouquet of berries, wild raspberries, strawberries and flowers “based” on a hint of pepper create a wine that “asks” to be consumed fresh, on the height of its zest.

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