Loofah Glycerine Soaps with Jasmine, Rose or Cinnamon Essential oil

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Loofah glycerine soaps, with cinnamon, rose or jasmine extract, from Crete.

Our loofah soaps are hand made in Crete using all natural ingredients.  The soap is pure vegetable glycerine, infused with essential oils of  jasmine, rose or cinnamon. The combination of loofah and moisturising soap exfoliates whilst moisturising; massaging areas of cellulite stimulates blood flow and is a traditional method for reducing cellulite. The natural essential oils leave the skin smelling divine.



These gorgeous hand made loofah soaps are hand made in Crete. The glycerine in 100% vegetable origin, combined with organic loofah and essential oils. The combination enables exfoliation whilst moisturising at the same time. Can be used all  over the body, but especially effective on elbows, knees, soles of feet and calluses, and areas of cellulite. The infused essential oils leave the skin smelling beautiful.

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Additional information

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Cinnamon – 80g, Jasmine – 100g, Lemon – 80g, Wild Rose – 80g

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