Kosmidis Drapetsonas Handmade Halvas from Piraeus

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Arguably the best halva anywhere in the world. This halva is rarely available outside Greece. It is made with premium ingredients, and several varieties are made without sugar especially for Greek Lent. A huge selection of varieties available.

The no sugar varieties are made with fructo- oligosaccharides – which are natural plant complex sugars, which taste sweet, but are not absorbed by the bowel, and so do not add any calories! What’s more, they are extremely good for the gut bacteria!

Almonds and Carob Syrup
Almonds with Brown Sugar
Biscuits and Cocoa
Classic Carob
Classic Vanilla
Cocoa and Almonds
Cranberry and Almonds
Dark Chocolate
No sugar Almonds (Exairetiko)
No Sugar Vanilla (Exairetiko)
White Chocolate and Cocoa Beans
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Kosmidis drapetsonas Greek halva is hand made in Piraeus using the best ingredients and a traditional recipe. The company is nearly 100 years old, and still operating from the same original premises and run by the same families.

We think this is the best halva in the world! We offer a huge choice of flavours – classic vanilla (including the Lent version without sugar), almonds (also an optional sugar free version), brown sugar and unhulled sesame seed versions, cocoa, dark chocolate, almonds with chocolate, pistachio, cranberry and almonds, carob, carob and almonds! The sugar-free versions are made with fructo-oligosaccharides – natural plant sugars which are not absorbed in the gut (so no extra calories) but are also super-good for ourĀ  bowel bacteria!

Halva is also rather good for you (in small amounts!) – the sesame seeds are rich in minerals including magnesium and also plant lignans which may be protective against certain cancers! They also are rich in ‘healthy fats’.

Halva is delicious eaten with coffee, at the end of a meal, or just as an energy snack or treat!

Additional information

Additional information

Halva Flavours

Almonds, Almonds and Carob Syrup, Almonds with Brown Sugar, Biscuits and Cocoa, Classic Carob, Classic Vanilla, Cocoa, Cocoa and Almonds, Cranberry and Almonds, Dark Chocolate, No sugar Almonds (Exairetiko), No Sugar Vanilla (Exairetiko), Pistachio, White Chocolate and Cocoa Beans

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