Kechribari Retsina

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TYPE: dry white
VARIETY: 100% Roditis
ALCOHOL: 11.5%
Intensely aromatic: Pear, apple, melon, lime, fresh pine resin. Well-balanced; summer breeze. Greek/ Mediterranean mezes, dishes rich in olive oil, pan-fried, grilled or spit-roasted meat, smelts, anchovies and feta cheese with olive oil and oregano.

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Forget preconceptions of poorly made Retsina. Properly made, Retsina is one of the most delicious and healthiest wines available. It has an ancient history – probably the first special-type wine produced, since we find its origins in Greek antiquity. Our ancestors used to seal the wine vessels (amphorae) using resin from pine trees in order to extend the wine’s life. The result was a wine with a hint of resin aroma. Today this white resinated wine is called “Retsina”. We named our retsina “Kechribari” (meaning amber in Greek) because their relationship is unbreakable, given that amber is a semi-precious stone created by the fossilized resin of pine trees. Our “Kechribari” retsina was born in 1939. Seven decades later this wine still maintains its pure aroma and distinguished taste, verifying our faith in this traditional Greek wine. What makes our retsina stand out is the resin’s controlled quantity, high quality and selected origin. “Kechribari” is a blend of Roditis and Savatiano cultivated in low rendering vineyards. The grape, in the hands of its experienced oenologist Stelios Kechris, reveals its best character, achieving an excellent balance between the resin and the fruit. It is distinguished by yellow-green color, smooth taste of fresh white fruits, combined with an elegant hint of resin, all balanced to the palate. Absolutely deliciously refreshing.

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