Ionos White


ORIGIN: Peloponnese
VARIETY: Roditis, Lagourthi, Muscat Rio
TYPE: Dry, fresh
Alcohol: 11.5%
TASTING NOTES: Fresh, clean crisp, low alcohol, dry but gentle. Citrus bouquet, elegant balanced flavour, fruity aftertaste. Great with salads and seafood.

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A fresh clean crisp Grecian white from the Peloponnese with welcome low alcohol and quite dry but gentle flavour. It is made largely from the local roditis grape with a bit of indigenous lagourthi and muscat. Located in the city of Aigio in Greece, not far from Patras, Cavino is a dynamic family winery which was founded in 1958 by Constantinos Anastassiou and Ioannis Douskas. Initially, the family sourced its grapes from selected growers, but in 1999 Jannis Anastassiou and Theodoros Anastassiou established their own vineyard in the form of Domain Mega Spileo. Situated above stunning views of the Vouraikos canyon in the north-west of the Peloponnese peninsula in southern Greece, the vineyard is 800 metres above sea level, and has sandy soils with some clay and gravel. Its history dates back to the 1500s when it was farmed by monks, but Jannis and Theodoros completely replanted the vineyards with a mixture of local and international varieties, from mavrodafne and assyrtiko to syrah and riesling. The grapes for this wine are sourced from sub-mountainous zones of the Peloponnese at around 350 to 700 metres above sea level – mostly roditis with sideritis and a healthy splash of muscat of Rio. The Ionos range remains unoaked, fresh and gentle.

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