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2 x 250ml Gift Box

1 X 250 mlLiquid Gold Organic
1 X 250ml Sparta Gold

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3 x 250ml Bottle Gift Box

1 x Cretan Liquid Gold Organic 250ml
1 x Sparta Gold 250ml
1 x Cretan Rustic Gold 250ml

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Cleopatra’s Elixir

Elegant 350ml bottle with
Liquid Gold Organic extra virgin olive oil
with edible pure gold and silver flakes
– choose from Pisa bottle or Xmas embossed bottle

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Conditioner for Dry Hair with Organic Olive Oil, Aloe Vera and Mountain Herbs (Sage)

A richly nourishing conditioner which is specially formulated with the combination of aloe vera, olive oil and sage to cleanse and strengthen the hair whilst intensely reconditioning

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS : Aloe Vera, Olive Oil (Org), Panthenol, Sage

FREE FROM : Parabens, Vaseline and Mineral Oil , Silicones

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Eternity anti-ageing Skin Oil with sea buckthorn

with sea buckthorn, extra virgin olive oil squalenes, rosemary,
frankincense and ylang ylang

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Hair Oil – with Organic Olive Oil and Argan Oil – A Unique Super-Intense Reconditioning Treatment

A GLISTENING COMBINATION OF Argan Oil, Organic Olive Oil, Sunflower Oil, Aloe Vera and Vitamin E – for their hydrating, nourishing and antioxidant actions. Helps hair to shine, and prevent split ends. Can be applied to wet or dry hair. Contains : 150ml.

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Luxury 100% Natural Massage Oil

Made with grapeseed and sweet almond oil, organic olive oil and jojba oil, with pure essential oils. No artificial additives.
Not suitable if pregnant.

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Organic Olive Oil Body Milk and Provitamin B5 & Pomegranate or Aloe Vera, by Cretan Beauty – 300ml

A rich body milk with natural ingredients chosen specifically for supreme skin care. Made with organic olive oil, natural seed oils, provitamin B5. Choose pomegranate for its antioxidant properties and aloe vera from its healing and anti-irritant properties. Great for dry and sensitive skins.

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Pure Olive Oil Soap infused with Jasmine or Lavender extract – 100g

Pure olive oil soap infused with jasmine or lavender extract. Hand made in Crete using traditional methods and extra virgin olive oil.  Very moisturising and excellent for dry or sensitive skin and those prone to eczema. For face and all over body use. Leaves skin feeling soft, supple and subtly scented. Presented in a lovely box

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Rich olive Oil Lip Balm

ACTIVE INGREDIENTS : Argan Oil, Castor Oil , Aloe Vera, Organic Olive oil

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Superluscious Organic Olive Oil Lip Balms

Organic Olive Oil, beeswax Lip Balms, peppermint, sea buckthorn, geranium

Hand made using all natural ingredients – with jojoba oil, coconut oil and essential oils. +/- sea buckthorn for added protection and nourishment. No artificial colours or preservatives – and no paraffin!

This is one of the best lip balms ever; keeps skin supple, soft, and plumped! Naturally!


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