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3 x 250ml Bottle Gift Box

1 x Cretan Liquid Gold Organic 250ml
1 x Sparta Gold 250ml
1 x Cretan Rustic Gold 250ml

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Cleopatra’s Elixir

Elegant 350ml bottle with
Liquid Gold Organic extra virgin olive oil
with edible pure gold and silver flakes
– choose from Pisa bottle or Xmas embossed bottle

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Cretan Liquid Gold Organic

This elegant organic oil is a multi-international prize winner- and Nigella Lawson’s favourite luxury oil 3 years in a row.

Made from the koroneiki olive grown on the Messara plains in central Crete, it is pale green-golden oil with superb organoleptic properties it is fantastic for dips and salads but also great for special savoury or sweet dishes.

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Santorini Balsamic Vinegars – Barrel-Aged for >5 Years

5 year aged vinegar from Santorini; made from the Assyrtiko grape. The vinegar is made by taking half the quantity of freshly produced vinegar and boiling it down to half its volume in a copper pot. This concentrates its flavour & the acidity. After this, the reduced vinegar is blended back into the remaining fresh vinegar and is then aged for 5 years in oak barrels that were once used to ferment and age Oak Fermented White wine. Good acidity without being overly sharp

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