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2 Large Jar Honey Gift Set

save £2 compared with buying two honeys individually and they are gift packed!
A gorgeous gift set of 2 large 370g jars of raw Cretan wild mountain honeys – Choose from Pure Thyme, Pure Pine, Pine/Thyme, Wild Herbs or Orange Blossom using the drop down menu

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3 Jar Amphora Honey Hamper

A gorgeous set of 3 x 130g wild mountain honeys (Pure Thyme, Pure Pine, Pine/Thyme, Wild Herbs or Orange Blossom) in beautiful Cretan amphora jars and a hand-made superb quality wicker basket – which can be used as a bread basket

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3 x 250ml Bottle Gift Box

1 x Cretan Liquid Gold Organic 250ml
1 x Sparta Gold 250ml
1 x Cretan Rustic Gold 250ml

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5 jar Amphora Honey hamper

Set of 5 of our Cretan mountain honeys in a gorgeous hand-made wicker basket which is generously sized and makes a super bread basket or storage basket

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Cleopatra’s Elixir

Elegant 350ml bottle with
Liquid Gold Organic extra virgin olive oil
with edible pure gold and silver flakes
– choose from Pisa bottle or Xmas embossed bottle

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