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Body Scrub gel with Organic Olive Oil, Olive Stone Grains and kiwi or caramel aroma

Body scrub with organic olive oil and olive stone grains: This deliciously aromatic body scrub combines organic olive with olive stone grains and a natural caramel flavour. Exfoliates, massages and stimulates the microcirculation of the skin, whilst the other ingredients in the scrub – organic olive oil, almond extract and oil – moisturise and protect the fresh skin. The caramel aroma of this scrub is divine! Leaves skin fresh, and new, like a baby’s bottom!

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Glycerine and Olive Oil Soap with Olive Leaf Extract 100g

Glycerine and olive oil soap with olive leaf extract – 100g

The anti-ageing and anti-carcinogenic effects of olive leaf extract together with the moisturising and soothing elements of olive esters and camomile extract make an ideal soap for regular hand-washing. Every basin should have one!

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Gorgeous olive oil soap gift set – 4 varieties

Olive oil soap gift set, citrus, aloe vera, pomegranate, plain 100g each soap

Hand made in Crete using a traditional recipe

Gorgeous boxed set of 4 pure olive oil soaps with natural extracts. Gently cleansing, moisturising and anti-oxidant. Leaves the skin feeling clean, fresh, smooth, supple and youthful! A lovely gift

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Loofah Glycerine Soaps with Jasmine, Rose or Cinnamon Essential oil

Loofah glycerine soaps, with cinnamon, rose or jasmine extract, from Crete.

Our loofah soaps are hand made in Crete using all natural ingredients.  The soap is pure vegetable glycerine, infused with essential oils of  jasmine, rose or cinnamon. The combination of loofah and moisturising soap exfoliates whilst moisturising; massaging areas of cellulite stimulates blood flow and is a traditional method for reducing cellulite. The natural essential oils leave the skin smelling divine.

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Luxurious Shower Gel – with olive oil, provitamin B6 and Aloe Vera, Pomegranate or Olive Leaf extract 300ml

Shower gel, olive oil, provitamin B6, pomegranate, aloe vera or olive leaf 300ml

A really luxurious, thick shower gel with fabulous ingredients. A combination of organic extra virgin olive oil, provitamin B5, and extracts of aloe vera, pomegranate or olive leaf extract provide a gentle cleansing action intense moisturising, protection and anti-ageing properties. Choose between the fruity aroma of pomegranate with its strong anti-oxidant properties, the fresh aloe vera with its intense anti-inflammatory properties or the rich olive oil and olive leaf extract variation

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Pure Olive Oil Soap – Plain or with Pomegranate extract

Pure Olive Oil Soap, unscented or with Pomegranate – in 100g or 200g sizes

Hand made in Crete using a traditional recipe. Gently cleansing, moisturising, anti-oxidant, anti-inflammatory. Leaves skin feeling smooth, supple, fresh. Can be used on body or face. Great for dry skin.

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Pure Olive Oil Soap from Crete – 200g bar

Soap is 200g

100% pure and natural – for sensitive skins and all the family
The perfect every day family soap for shower or bath to use on body, face and hands. Exquisitely moisturising and gentle. suitable for children, sensitive skin and especially good for dry skins and eczema. This large bar of soap is hand-made of pure olive oil using a traditional ‘recipe’ in the high mountains of Crete. Gentle and thorough cleansing whilst being ntensely moistoruising – ideal for all the family.

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Pure Olive Oil Soap infused with Jasmine or Lavender extract – 100g

Pure olive oil soap infused with jasmine or lavender extract. Hand made in Crete using traditional methods and extra virgin olive oil.  Very moisturising and excellent for dry or sensitive skin and those prone to eczema. For face and all over body use. Leaves skin feeling soft, supple and subtly scented. Presented in a lovely box

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