ORGANIC CRETAN MOUNTAIN TEAS - LOOSE LEAF - harvested by hand and dried in the sun

(Cretan mountain tea)
Chamomile and Mint Dittany
(Dictamus) - the healing herb
Sage leaf Liquorice and Mint Wild Mint Pure Chamomile
Greek Mountain Tea (aka malotira, tsai vounou, shepherd's tea) is made from the dried leaves, stems and flowers of sideris syriaca - which grows wild on the mountains of Crete. Taken as a tea as part of the Cretan Diet, it aids digestion, strengthens the immune system, and helps anxiety. It has anti-inflammatory effects and reduces fever. It may help osteoporosis and has antioxidant properties. It has a lemony fresh taste, delicious infused in boiled water with honey A blend of organic wild Chamomile flowers and leaves and wild mint. Chamomile and mint are both used widely in the Cretan diet as a tea and in foods. The combined teas has digestif and relaxant properties, ideal for all the family.

Cretan Dittany (Dictamus oreganum, named after Mount Dikti in central Crete) is native to the mountains of Crete. In ancient Greece dittany of Crete was used for expelling weapons embedded in soldiers. Wild goats would eat the plant after being struck by arrows, to help expel it Dittany is still used today to heal wounds, soothe pain (headaches), ease childbirth and for stomach ailments and rheumatism. It is known as "eronda" which means 'love fo'r its aphrodisiac properties.

Wild sage of the Salvia pomifera subsp. pomiferis is endemic to Crete.Sage has been used as a panacea since Minoan times. Sage is used for female problems -- PMS, menopausal symptoms; for acne, headache, gum disease, and strengthening the mind. IIt alerts the senses, sharpens the memory, helps mental fatigue and depression. It may help Alzheimer's disease.It makes an extremely fragrant tea, delicious with honey. Liquorice root is 50 times sweeter than sugar, and enhances or mimics the effect of adrenal hormones. It is useful in dealing with fatigue, stress, immune disorders and has mild oestrogenic effects. It is also an antacid and can be beneficial for gastic disorders. When combined with mint it makes an energizing tea which aids digestion. There are many wild mints in Crete but the commonest are used to flavour food and tea. Wild mint is used for its digestif and .cleansing properties, as a relaxant and mild stimulant The word Chamomile is derived from the Greek words for "ground" and "apple," because it grows close to the ground and its strong aroma is reminiscent of fresh apples. It is renowned for its many medicinal and therapeutic properties ranging from an aid to digestion, headache cure, sleep aid and stress reliever.



Apple & Cinnamon

Herbal Zest

Punchy Berry

Jasmine Blossom

Herbal spice

Pure Peppermint

Pure Spearmint

Apple and Cinnamon, naturally flavoured black tea, in pyramid teabags is a great way to enjoy an amazing taste experience. Crunchy Apple flavour mingled with warming cinnamon spice provides a delicious fruity character with a real depth. with spearmint, green mate, calendular, sunflower petals, ginseng, lemongrass, cornflower, ginkbo and spearmint- 10 pyramids with dried rosehip, hibiscus, elderberries, blackcurrants and raisins - 10 pyramids Luxury Chinese Green tea with jasmine petals - pyramids x 10 Luxury Herbal Spice Harmony tea - with Rooibos, dried cloves, cardamon, nettle, calendula and safflower petals, raspberry, anise, rosehip and liquorice Pure whole peppermint leaves picked from wild mint on the Cretan mountains Pure whole spearmint leaves picked from the mountains - wild common mint

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