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Cretan Organic Mountain herbs

Cretan Sage, Oregano, Thyme, Rosemary, Mint, Basil and Garlic are famous for their intense flavour and aroma. Our herbs are CERTIFIED ORGANIC, gathered by women and shepherds in the Cretan mountains. The herbs are then hung in bunches to dry in the sun and wind.The leaves and buds are then rubbed between the hands from the dry stems, which in the case of some of the herbs (eg mint), may also be included in the herbal mix because of their flavour properties. To find out more about the individual herbs, see here: Herbs

(10-13g net weight) - use drop down menus to choose jar or sachet refill

Organic Sage
organic Cretan sage
("thinker's tea")

Organic Oregano
organic Cretan oregano amphora
Organic Thyme
organic Cretan thyme amphora
Organic Dittany
organic cretan dittany
("erontas" - the passion herb, and a panacea for all ailments)

Organic Cretan Sage

Organic Cretan Oregano
Organic Cretan Thyme
Organic Cretan Dittany

Organic Basil
organic cretan basil amphora
Organic Mint
organic cretan mint amphora
rosemary amphora
Organic Garlic
organic dried garlic pieces
Organic Cretan Basil
Organic Cretan Mint
Wild Rosemary
Organic Garlic

Set of 8 all herbs
Cretan organic herb collection
Complete Organic Cretan Herbs Set
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