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Greek Mountain Honeys
We have possibly the largest selection of premium Greek honeys outside Greece!

Our honeys are raw, unprocessed, unheated, and the bees are never fed with sugar. The bee keepers move the hives to different regions of Crete or the Taygetus mountains, where the desired flora is best. The flavour of the honeys comes entirely from what the bees have fed on. Flower honeys tend to be sweeter and will crystallize more readily than tree honeys (such as pine and fir). Crystallization is a normal process in natural honey and can be reversed by placing the honey jar in a warm pot of water. As our honeys are unfiltered there will be elements of propolis, bees wax, pollen. Because the honey is unheated the enzymes that are so helpful to our digestive system are unspoiled. Tree honeys tend to have a lower glycemic index than flower honeys. Five of our honeys have won Great Taste Awards

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Wild Mountain Honeys - Flower Honeys

Thyme Honey
from Crete
Wild Herbs Honey
from Crete
Orange Blossom
from Crete
Wild Sage Honey
from Crete
Cretan thyme honey

Great Taste Award
Cretan wild flower honey
Greek orange blossom honey
Great Taste 2014 (2*)
Cretan Sage Honey
Great Taste 2015 (2*)
Cretan Pure Thyme Honey
Cretan Wild Herbs Honey
Cretan Orange Blossom Honey
Cretan Wild Sage Honey
Great Taste Award 2014!
Greek thyme honey is widely acknowledged to be the best in the world. It requires great skill and dedication by the beekeepers as making thyme honey is very hard work for the bees. Our Cretan pure Thyme honey is made by bees pollinating on wild thyme bushes in the Cretan mountains. It is raw, unfiltered, unheated, very rich in thyme pollen (51%) and propolis and is full of flavour. . Thyme honey is naturally antibacterial and antioxidant. Cretans use it as a natural healer.
Our Wild Herbs honey is made by Cretan bees left to roam on parts of the island which are rich in Crete's famous range of mixed herbs: wild thyme, sage, oregano, rosemary, lavender, and the Cretan herb Winter Savoury - Throumbi (Satureia thymbra L. (Labiatae) (other names include , “thymbri” or “thym- bros” and Thryvi in Crete; also thrymbi (Sifnos); Throumba (Cephalonia). These herbs are naturally rich in antimicrobial and antioxidant activity (see here).
Delicate and sweet with a plethora of herbal aromas. It is very rich in propolis, wax and pollen and may be slightly cloudy; a layer of these natural substances may form at the top of the honey.

2* Great Taste Award, 2014
Our Orange Blossom honey is made by bees pollinating on the orange groves of Rixtis gorge in eastern Crete. This light, yellow golden, sweetly aromatic honey is raw, unprocessed, unheated and rich in pollen, propolis and natural flavour.

2* Great Taste Award, 2014
Our Sage honey comes from Kroustas in the north east of Crete. The hills are filled with wild sage, and the beekeepers leave the bees to roam wild throughout the summer and early autumn. The result is a lively honey, viscous, with a very slightly bitter finish - a hint of sage. This raw, unheated honey is packed with goodness obtained from the wild herb as well as propolis pollen, wax, vitamins and minerals.

VERY RARE! Single flower Carob honey Carob trees must be mature before they bear fruit and flowers - at least 15-20 years old. Carob honey is harvested in the autumn, dark amber and crystallizes easily into a soft coarse texture. It has a warm flavor with a medium aromatic intensity, infused with chocolate and herbal overtones and has a slightly bitter aftertaste.Aa unique and delicious honey.

Our “Ancient Lappa Carob Honey” is named after the ancient Cretan town of Lappa - 27km southwest from Rethymno (today's  Argyroupolis) famed for its mature carob trees, rich vegetation and natural springs.


Wild Mountain Honeys - Tree or mixed Honeys
Pine Tree Honey
from Crete - OUR BEST SELLER
Thyme and Pine Honey
from Crete
Fir Tree Honey
from Taygetus mountains
Cretan pine honey

Great Taste 2014
Cretan thyme and pine honey
Greek Fir Tree Honey from Taygetus mountains
Great Taste Award
Cretan Pure Pine Honey
Cretan Thyme-Pine Honey
Fir Tree Honey
Great Taste Award 2014 !
And our best selling honey. Cretan bees love feeding on the high altitude and prolific pine forests in the mountains of Crete. The sweet rich nectar is turned into a deep golden rich and viscous honey - nothing else like it! Pine honey is rarely available outside of Crete. It is naturally rich in antimicrobial and antioxidant activity.

Our Cretan Thyme and Pine honey comes from the famous honey-producing region of north east Crete. Bees are first fed on the wild thyme at the tops of the mountains and then relocated to the dense Pine forests of central Crete for a 'holiday camp' feast: it is much easier for bees to feed on pine than on Thyme! Whilst the high altitude and prolific beds of wild thyme provide a safe haven of natural food for the bees, it is extremely hard work to gather nectar from Thyme (which is one reason why good Thyme honey is rare), so after a few weeks the bee-keepers relocate their hives to the Pine forests, which provide a more restful form of feeding. The result is a delectable natural mixture of Thyme and Pine honey blended the bees themselves. Thyme and Pine honey is naturally rich in antimicrobial and antioxidant activity. Delicious on its own, on toast, in hot drinks and especially stirred into Greek yogurt!

A delicious, caramelly honey with rich toffee tones. Less sweet than a flower honey and rarely crystallises. Delicious with Greek yogurt, on icecreams, toast and in hot drinks.



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