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olive oil shampoo
300ml - £8.00

Olive Oil Shampoos
with organic olive oil, provitamin B5 and hydrolysed wheat gluten

The Ancient Greeks used olive oil abundantly for the hair - not only for its cleaning properties but because they believed it helped reduce premature hair whitening and hair loss. Given the natural properties of olive oil, this belief has some scientific basis. Having tried hundreds of shampoos we can vouch that this really is one of the best ever. It does what it says on the bottle: cleanses gently and conditions, leaving hair sparkling clean, shiny and healthy, the scalp free of irritation and flaking. A really fabulous shampoo.

Our olive oil shampoo comes in plain form or combined with other special ingredients for certain hair types: Choose bewteen:
1. Plain olive oil shampoo (for normal hair and frequent use);
2. Propolis with olive oil shampoo - for dandruff, psoriasis, dry scalp

3. Laurel and Ginger with olive oil- for thinning hair
4. Aloe vera with olive oil - for dry, itchy and sensitive scalp
5. Chamomile and olive oil - for dull hair and highlighted hair

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Olive Oil Shampoos

sandalwood shaving oil

jasmine shaving oil

LGP Shaving Oil for Men (Sandalwood) and Women (Jasmine)
with organic olive oil, almond oil, Cretan dittany extract (for healing of cuts and burn)

A super smooth deluxe shaving oil with sandalwood or jasmine essential oil. 30ml lasts for around 20 facial shaves for men; the women's oil is ideal for smaller areas like armpits and bikin. These oils can also be used as moisoturising afershave or simply a portable gorgeous smelling pocket moisturiser for face and body!

LGP Shaving Oil with Sandalwood or Jasmine for men and women
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