The Passion, the Story and Expertise

Liquid Gold Products was established in 2012 by Stavia Blunt, who was a Consultant Neurologist before starting the business. The aim of Liquid Gold Products is to bring you the finest Greek products.

Stavia has a long interest in Greece. She is half Greek, and has spent most of her ‘spare time’ in Crete and the southern Peloponnese, exposed to both traditional and modern ways of life in Greece. Stavia’s interest flourished in recent years for rather different reasons…….

Before starting Liquid Gold Products, whilst still working as a neurologist, Stavia became disillusioned with the insufficient focus (time, money, education) that modern medicine allows on addressing problems before ‘disease’ has actually developed.

Increasingly her interests moved away from disease and drug treatments, towards preventative medicine, promoting health through diet and lifestyle. It so happens that one of the healthiest ‘diets’ – or ways of life – (‘diet’ actually comes from the word diaita which means ‘way of life’ in Greek) – is the Cretan Diet – the healthiest version of the so-called ‘Mediterranean Diet’.

Liquid Gold’s “Cretan Diet” and why it’s a breakthrough

In 2010 Stavia took a sabbatical, much of which was spend in Crete, immersing herself in the study of the Cretan Diet, and learning about its key ingredients. She realised that much of what Crete and the traditional Greek diet seen elsewhere in Greece is very applicable still to our modern lives, and a movement even somewhere towards that way of eating and living would be beneficial for many people. This view is backed up by a large body of scientific evidence – not to mention Ancient Greek Medical writers, and the oral folklore of the ordinary villagers whose experience has stood the test of time.

Between 2010 and 2012, with the increasing realisation that she was not going to be returning to medical practice, Stavia spent two years learning about and sourcing products in Crete and other parts of Greece. She has spent time with them harvesting olives, pressing the olives in the mills, collecting honey or herbs, making halva and pasteli by hand. She trained as a professional olive oil taster. in 2012, Stavia started Liquid Gold Products with the aim of importing what she could of the key elements of the traditional Cretan Diet: low acidity extra virgin olive oils, wild mountain honeys and herbs, and other traditional food products. Her focus is on quality, health, taste, provenance – and fair trade.

Read about the benefits of the Cretan diet in more detail here!

In summary

In addition to traditional Greek food products, Liquid Gold Products imports many other things which are hard to find outside of Greece: natural care products made from olive oil and herbs, including soaps, bath care products, body and face creams; traditional rugs and tagari bags; solid brass salt-, pepper-, coffee- and spice grinders, gold and silver hand-made jewellery; Cretan traditional knives, and hand-made Greek leather sandals. Through Cretan Pottery Рour subsidiary business Рwe import handmade Cretan pots made by a master potter in Crete. Click here to explore Cretan Pottery. 

The team

The Liquid Gold Products Team includes our full-time Liquid Gold Cave Manager – Anna Siemiasczko, who has worked for Stavia in many capacities over the last 10 years. And Eleftheria Karipidi who works part-time doing Sales and Marketing.

Our Producer Relationship

We bring our products directly from the producers, eliminating any risk of adulteration en route and without exploitation of small farmers. We source our products from the very best olive farmers, bee-keepers and herb-gathering shepherds. Our oils come from producers in regions certified as ‘Protected Designation of Origin’ (PDO) and ‘Protected Geographical Indication’ (PGI) (international stamps of quality and authenticity), or from single estates -where the entire process from the olive picking to the final bottling, is done by hand.

Our producers our a genuine love for what they do!

For all of these people, their produce is their life, their pride, their joy, their philosophy and the basis of their incredible longevity! They care about their produce, where it ends up, and how it is received. By working with them we are helping to keep their ancient traditions and enormous fountain of knowledge alive.