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Extra Virgin Olive Oils
Our olive oils come from PDO/PGI olive groves or private estates. The olives are hand-picked, cold pressed and cold-extracted within 6 hours of picking .
Available as 250ml, 500ml bottles as well as excellent value 1 Litre or 5 litre tins. We can also supply wholesale / bulk

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Cretan Extra Virgin Olive Oils
Cretan Liquid Gold Organic
- 2017 harvest
Cretan Olyssos PDO
- 2017 harvest
Cretan House Gold
- 2017 harvest
- Special Offer - whilst stocks last! -
Cretan Rustic Gold
2016 harvest
Greek Extra virgin olive oil - Olyssos - Crete PDO
Greek Extra virgin olive oil - House Gold - from Crete
Cretan Rustic Gold Extra virgin olive oil

This elegant organic oil is a multi-international prize winner- and Nigella Lawson's favourite luxury oil 3 years in a row.

Made from the koroneiki olive grown on the Messara plains in central Crete, it is pale green-golden oil with superb organoleptic properties it is fantastic for dips and salads but also great for special savoury or sweet dishes.

Olyssos is a rich green-gold oil with very low acidity and high polyphenols - giving this a strong bitterness and long-lasting pepper aftertaste and valuable health properties. Produced in limited quantities
House Gold is our unique blend of koroneiki and ancient Tsounati olives picked from ancient groves in the west part of Crete. The oil is a pure gold with mild bitterness but a rich smooth taste which lends to all kinds of dishes, but especially stews, dips and sweet dishes. Used by Nigella Lawson in the Taste Programme.
One of our best selling oils - Rustic Gold is made using traditional methods and natural sedimentation instead of filtration. The koroneiki olives are grown around Thrapsano (PDO) and hand picked; some leaves are left in the mix of ripe and less ripe olives, adding to the rich green colour and intense bitterness. A robust very low acidity oil which is perfect for frying but just as delicious as a dip.


Cretan Liquid Gold Organic 2017


Cretan Olyssos PEZA PDO 2017
Cretan House Gold
ORDER HERE (unbelievable value whilst stocks last)
Cretan Rustic Gold - SPECIAL OFFER

Cretan ExtCretan Extra Virgin Olive Oilsra Virgin Olive Oils
Liquid Gold Organic
2015 harvest
    Sparta Gold - PGI Lakonia
    2015 harvest
Vordonia Gold
2015 harvest
Greek extra virgin olive oil - Sparta Gold

"... a fine example of everything that is best about Greek olive oil and has a freshness and balance that make it simply delicious......"
- Charles Quest-Ritson
s best about Greek oil"

Greek extra virgin olive oil - athinolia - Vordonia Gold

"... a delicious example of this rare olive oil - a sweet bitter blend on the tongue with aroma of fresh cut grass and ripe figs'.

A luxury unfiltered organic olive oil from one of the best producers in the Peloponnese. The olive groves are located in the fertile and well irrigated Eurates valley . The oil is very low acidity, richly herbacious, with a gorgeous mix of aromas and fruity taste followed by smooth gentle crescendo of bitter and pepper.

Sparta Gold is a fantastic oil for every day use, of superb quality and balance, and an extremely good price for an oil of this quality. This is the every day oil in the Liquid Gold Kitchens! Use generously!
Vordonia Gold is a very special oil. It comes from a single estate in Vordonia, north of Sparta - a moisty mountainous region. This estate owned by Michael Sideris, is one of the last remaining of the ancient Athinolia olive - a large gorgeously fruity olive which produces a rich dark green-gold oil, with a real peper punch. The olives are picked entirely by hand and then pressed in an old fashioned mill , without filtration. The olives are all pressed wtihin 3 hours of picking.
Liquid Gold Organic (Peloponnese)


Sparta Gold - premium Extra Virgin Olive oil


Vordonia Gold - premium EVOO, 100% Athinolia olive


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